Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Ice hockey equipment, skates to helmet: the essential guide

Ice hockey is a fast-paced contact sport, and protection is essential. Check out our guide to the essentials of ice hockey equipment – skates to helmet

Ice hockey is a fast-paced contact sport, and protection is essential. Take to the ice in total protection, though, with our guide to the essentials of ice hockey equipment from skates to helmet.

Ice hockey equipment: skates
Your ice hockey skates are the foundation of your ice hockey game. No other piece of equipment will help or hinder your performance like your skates. Whatever your budget, it’s worth spending as much as you can afford on a pair of skates, and as much as you’ve got left on the rest of your ice hockey equipment.

Skates should tie tightly enough to fit snugly around your ankle. Ask an expert for advice on which pair of ice hockey skates to choose.

Ice hockey equipment: skaters need shin pads
Shin pads will protect your shins from whacks with opponents’ sticks, the puck and the occasional loose skate. Along with padded gloves, these are well worth investing in.

Ice hockey equipment: helmets and other protection
Apart from flying sticks, pucks and other padded-up skaters, ice hockey always carries an element of players falling and hitting the ice. With hockey equipment, skates aside, perhaps nothing is as important as your helmet. It won’t help you play better, but it could save your life.

A good gumshield or mouth-guard probably won’t save your life, but it could save your looks, and is highly recommended.

Stick with high-quality ice hockey equipment
A stick is a basic essential of ice hockey equipment. Skaters use one of two kinds: wood, which is cheaper, but heavier and chips easily, or composite, which is lighter – and more flexible – but costs more and can snap under pressure.

If you can’t decide, get advice from an expert on ice hockey equipment to help you choose.

Ice hockey equipment skates to fashion with modern clothing
Modern ice hockey clothing is much more practical than in the past – and much more fashionable.

Pro hockey jerseys are perennial fashion staples off the ice, especially in Canada and some US cities. Back in the game, modern clothing technology means clothing is designed with fabrics that wick moisture away from the skin, increasing player comfort levels and improving performance. For hockey gear and more visit www.skatehut.co.uk.


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