Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A World Golfer

Many golf aficionados know that there are lots of fabulous courses around the world. Each one having its own set of unique features and amenities for a truly fascinating golfing experience. There are many ways to get fit such as Senkai's boot camp London but golf is good exercise too.

This is fantastic news for the moneyed set who love to play golf. You see, a typical golf course, no matter how challenging it may be, can get boring. The thinking that too much of something can actually be harmful actually applies here.

While it may not cause any major health problems, it can adversely affect your game. What’s more, being an international golfer isn’t something many people can brag about. Unless of course their last name is Woods or Nicklaus.

Here are some places you may want to check out when looking for a “change of golf scenery”:
-          A fantastic place to start is Hawaii. This island is filled with a lot of fabulously constructed golf courses. You’ve got courses in Honolulu which use the terrain to their advantage. This means a lot of hills and sand traps. They don’t only give you a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean, but can also pose quite a challenge. This is something you definitely need to help improve your golf game.
-          Still in Hawaii? Check out the courses on Maui and the Big Island. These are modern courses that offer a lot of spectacular features for golf lovers. What’s more, their popularity among the golfing community is a testament to how good they are.
-          There is another golfing destination, this time way across the globe. A lot of fabulous golf courses are located in Japan. This is an island just like Hawaii. This means that the challenges are “built in”. The challenging hills and valleys make for equally challenging rounds of golf. Something that every golf aficionado looks for. Grab your Nike golf clothing and head East for a picturesque game beneath Mount Fuji.
-          There are other fantastic golf courses scattered all over the world. One good way to check fro their location is by visiting the various tournament websites. Here, you can get a listing of where the Masters play. Better yet, why not “tag along” if you can. You may not necessarily be able to play a round of golf with the Greats. But it is a fantastic way to learn a thing or too—up close and in person. And how many people can actually say that they played on the same courses that the pros themselves played?

What’s more, you needn’t tour the world’s best golf courses all by your lonesome. Why not take the family along for that long overdue vacation? Believe us, it isn’t just your golf game that will be scoring high.

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