Monday, 30 April 2012

Outsourcing Company goes from Strength to Strength

Obviously, the credit crunch has had many wide reaching implications but one outsourcing company aims to buck the downturn. Teleperformance recently announced the opening of a sixth site to be based in Gateshead, near Newcastle.

Teleperformance are an outsourcing company affiliated with the contact centre industry and they recently announced that it was their intention to open another site, their sixth, in Gateshead, near Newcastle. The outsourcing company have created a substantial network across the UK for their Teleperformance Technical Help UK business. It is noticeable that a number of outsourcing companies, particularly those in the contact centre industry, are still capable of expanding their business operations despite the prevailing economic downturn in the UK. One such outsourcing company that is achieving this endeavour is that of Teleperformance, who are exhibiting their strength by continuing to open contact centres across the UK. Their latest centre, in the North East of England, will significantly strengthen the position in the UK market in 2009 and for the years to come. Outsourcing is a great way to save money in business and countries representing all flags of the world have workers who could be benefitted from doing outsourcing work.

Outsourcing – Adding to a Growing Network

Teleperformance are already one of the UK's leading performers in terms of outsourcing and already boast sites in Birmingham, Bristol, Bangor, Ashby, Newry and Northern Ireland. In order to grow, it is important for a outsourcing company to expand their network of sites and this is something that Teleperformance certainly seems to have taken on board by recently opening their sixth site in Gateshead. The latest addition to their outsourcing sites in Gateshead is expected to vastly improve the standard of their technical support and they now boast a workforce some 2,500 strong. The clients that make use of Teleperformance's outsourcing expertise are fairly prestigious and include the likes of Apple, Sun Microsystems and Hewlett Packard.

Outsourcing – Planning for the Future

By adding to an already established business model, Teleperformance have taken steps to solidify their position in the market and Jeff Smith, CEO of Teleperformance, states, “ We are delighted to have added the Teleperformance Technical Help UK team to our nationwide network of contact centres and to have strengthened our technical support expertise through this move. We now have over 200 multi-lingual agents handling levels 1, 2 and 3 technical help functions, supporting customers in 16 countries. Technical support is a business function of growing importance and now accounts for almost 20 per cent of contact centre activity worldwide.”

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