Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Benefits of Golf Club Restoration
When you have invested a great deal of money in your golf clubs, it can be frustrating to find that they no longer work like they used to. Poorly maintained golf clubs can result in a poor golf performance which can hamper your developing skills. More and more people are realising the benefits of golf club restoration by reconditioning their beloved wedges themselves. To find out more visit
Improved Control – Golf club restoration can recondition your grooves to make them straight and sharp. This will give you extra grip on the ball and allow for improved control. Restoring your clubs could help you increase your distances and with more backspin on wedge shots and greater control over your hits, you could potentially lower your scores with a simple groove sharpening tool.
Durable Clubs – After years of use, your golf clubs can look tired, old and rusty. Wet and damp weather can cause large amounts of dirt to build up in your grooves which can affect their durability. With a golf club restoration tool like a groove sharpener, you could see your golf club last significantly longer after just 30 minutes of reconditioning.
Save Money – Golf club restoration doesn’t have to be expensive. You may think that they require professional reconditioning but in reality, many golfers choose to save money by using a groove sharpening tool that keeps your grooves neat and sharp. Because they even work on old, worn out and rusty clubs; you could save yourself from buying brand new clubs by bringing your old ones back to factory-fresh conditions.
 Golf Accessories Help You Stay Stylish on the Green
Golf accessories could help you stay stylish on the green this season with a range of golf gloves, shoe accessories, towels, J Lindeberg Tour Shirts, umbrellas and novelty items that make your game a little more fun and a lot more fashionable.

The game of golf has long been thought of as one of the most fashionable sports to play but the desire to look fashionable on the fairway has skyrocketed in recent years; leading to an array of stylish golf accessories being available for every golfer. More and more avid players are looking for golf accessories that are functional and appealing to help them stay stylish on the green this season.
Fashion and Functionality with Golf Accessories
Keeping up with the golfing fashion trends can sometimes be as important as playing well on the fairway. Corporate golfers know that first impressions count when playing against clients, customers or rival companies. Having the right golf accessories can be crucial when trying to create a certain impression of your company. Stylish pitch repair tools and fashionably functional bag accessories like tee holders can help instigate conversation with potential clients and boost your professional image. Patriotic umbrellas, bright plaid golf accessories and neon ball markers can show off a more relaxed approach with a style that demonstrates your fun and enthusiastic nature.
Comfort on the Course with Golf Accessories
Style is not always just about creating the right impression on the course. Stylish golf accessories are often there to keep you glorious comfortable on the golf course. Many golfing enthusiasts know that stylish kangaroo leather golf gloves can also provide optimum grip in both dry and wet conditions. Many golf accessories can offer superior comfort and style to help you improve your performance; including brightly coloured branded shoe spikes that improve grip on the course.

Monday, 30 April 2012

Customer Insight – Asking the Question 'Why?'

Automated voice recognition and call centre techniques can leave out one crucial question that can provide invaluable customer insight: why?

Customer insight is incredibly valuable for the forward thinking company. By asking a customer why they need a product or why they are using a service, it's possible to target products and services more specifically. By knowing more about the customers' needs, you are increasing the likelihood of a transaction and improving customer satisfaction. But many contact centres can be blinded, on a mission, with one objective in mind. Customer insight allows them to see the bigger picture that can, in the long term, encourage customer loyalty.

Customer Insight – Understanding Consumer Needs

Automated or transactional interactions may be right for certain products or services. They can certainly be cost effective. But for some businesses there's an argument for making more out of the human contact made between consumers and contact agents; there's a strong case of building customer insight. Contact centres are the perfect place for businesses to gain a crucial understanding of their customers. By simply asking why consumers are asking for a particular service, contact centres can enhance their customer insight, which in turn can inform their business strategies. Writing on the subject of customer insight, Chris Hancock, Managing Director of Gasbox uses an example: if a customer is ringing a contact centre to ask for her bank balance, simply asking why could offer a wealth of information. If it's to see if she has enough funds to buy a five star cruise or to see if she can pay her bills, this information can help shape what products or services are targeted at her. Building customer insight by extracting and documenting this kind of information can in the short or long-term enrich, personalise and individualise further contact with the consumer.

Customer Insight – Asking Questions

Customer interaction leads to customer insight, and if anything asking pertinent questions is thought by many to improve the customer experience as it shows the agent is taking an active interest in the customer. There's a difference between asking pertinent questions and cross-selling. The two feed into each other, but if the agent launches into a sales pitch in the early stage of a call it can be counter-productive. Customer insight if used appropriately can help the consumer, used poorly, it can alienate them. In the long term, customer insight can be used to tailor services or offers to individual needs as well as reduce the likelihood of unnecessary repetition helping make services more efficient. The role of customer dialogue and customer insight is certainly an interesting, and challenging one for the contact centre industry.

Customer Insight – Treating Customers Fairly

 Financial services firms are making progress, but there's still some way to go to meet the FSA's Treating Customers Fairly criteria.

The Financial Services Authority has outlined an assessment criteria for financial services firms to help ensure they  treat their customers fairly. Customer insight is a growing concern, especially in the financial services sector where transparency and accountability have never been so crucial. But a survey by Clearconcepts shows encouraging results; it shows that leading retail finance firms in the UK are making good progress - although there is still some way to go. The study, entitled Complaints MI: Evidencing TCF was conducted on behalf of the Financial Services Discussion Club.

Client Insight: Crucial

The results of the report underlines the importance customer complaints play in shaping a company's standard TCF (Treating Customers Fairly) management information (MI) process. It showed that complaints are used to influence product design and improve information sent by financial sectors to their customers. Customer insight is a powerful thing. In the survey the financial companies were questioned about their progress when it came to collating evidence for compliance with the six FSA's TCF outcomes: clear information for customers, transparent corporate culture, adequate product design, suitable advice, post-sale difficulties and meeting expectations.

Improving the Customer Experience

The research found that the complaints data collated and analysed by firms reveals process improvements in over three-quarters of the FSA's TCF outcomes. Additionally, the leading companies questioned for the report were found to be making good progress in reducing post-sale problems or barriers for clients making complaints, making it easier for them to switch products or services providers.

Customer Insight and the FSA's TCF Criteria

Customer insight has always been central to improving customer service. And tackling customer complaints is a vital source for crucial management information. Harnessing this information can help inform strategies to drive business improvements. Commenting on customer insight, Paul Elswood, the vice president for CDC Respond said: “It is encouraging to see the financial services market embracing this approach to meet the stringent demands of the FSA’s TCF initiative.”
The study was felt to show positive developments towards meeting the FSA's TCF assessment criteria. So, whether you are using marketing pop up banners or anything else, you should know how you stand against regulations.

Offshoring – Customer Relations Damaged by Call Centre Offshoring

It is somewhat of a balancing act for businesses when it comes to the offshoring of their operations because, whilst it is inevitably cheaper to offshore call centres, it is often at the cost of customer loyalty because many customers are irritated by offshoring practices.

Offshoring is becoming increasingly commonplace in many industries but, of course, the industry which offshoring is most prevalent within is that of contact centres. Unfortunately, however, the practice of offshoring is often to the detriment of customer retention because most don't like having their requests, complaints and queries being dealt with in an overseas call centre. It is clearly apparent that a business needs to keep its customers happy if it is to be a success in the long run but much recent research has pointed to the problematic relationship between offshore call centres and customers based in the UK and the inevitable consequence is that customer relations are damaged and the level of loyalty demonstrated to the company in question dwindles. With this in mind, it is clear to see that it can be a difficult decision to weigh up the pros and cons of offshoring in relation to how likely it is to jeopardise relations with a business' client base.

Offshoring – Looking at the Key Problems

One company that recently explored the viability of offshoring their business operations, Customer Consulting Ltd (CCL), made some interesting discoveries regarding the financial implications which can arise from taking the decision to operate contact centres offshore for UK based businesses. Speaking of their findings, CCL's managing director, Simon Rustom, stated, “Our research shows that the cost of running a full end-to-end customer contact centre in India - including both the ‘back office’ administration and ‘front office’ voice elements of telephone calls, emails and faxes to customers and potential customers - is some £18m a year”. There are two sides to every story and the same is true with offshoring and Rustom goes on to state, “On the other hand, the cost of bringing back the ‘voice’ (front office) element of the operation to the UK, leaving the administration in India, is some £21m. However, according to our research, this results in increased customer satisfaction and higher levels of customer retention. Indeed, our research reveals that the cost of customers lost through using India-based contact centres is some £12m a year.”

Offshoring – Providing the Right Service for Customers

It is, of course, imperative that a business does everything that it can to make sure their customers remain satisfied with their performance, even if this isn't the cheaper option. With this in mind, CCL came to the conclusion that they would keep their administration practices offshore but wouldn't risk offshoring their front end operations through fears it would compromise their relationship with their customers. This problem with offshoring isn't limited to the call centre industry and almost any type of industry which engages in offshoring should think about the long term consequences of losing customers as opposed to the short term cutting of costs.

Outsourcing Company goes from Strength to Strength

Obviously, the credit crunch has had many wide reaching implications but one outsourcing company aims to buck the downturn. Teleperformance recently announced the opening of a sixth site to be based in Gateshead, near Newcastle.

Teleperformance are an outsourcing company affiliated with the contact centre industry and they recently announced that it was their intention to open another site, their sixth, in Gateshead, near Newcastle. The outsourcing company have created a substantial network across the UK for their Teleperformance Technical Help UK business. It is noticeable that a number of outsourcing companies, particularly those in the contact centre industry, are still capable of expanding their business operations despite the prevailing economic downturn in the UK. One such outsourcing company that is achieving this endeavour is that of Teleperformance, who are exhibiting their strength by continuing to open contact centres across the UK. Their latest centre, in the North East of England, will significantly strengthen the position in the UK market in 2009 and for the years to come. Outsourcing is a great way to save money in business and countries representing all flags of the world have workers who could be benefitted from doing outsourcing work.

Outsourcing – Adding to a Growing Network

Teleperformance are already one of the UK's leading performers in terms of outsourcing and already boast sites in Birmingham, Bristol, Bangor, Ashby, Newry and Northern Ireland. In order to grow, it is important for a outsourcing company to expand their network of sites and this is something that Teleperformance certainly seems to have taken on board by recently opening their sixth site in Gateshead. The latest addition to their outsourcing sites in Gateshead is expected to vastly improve the standard of their technical support and they now boast a workforce some 2,500 strong. The clients that make use of Teleperformance's outsourcing expertise are fairly prestigious and include the likes of Apple, Sun Microsystems and Hewlett Packard.

Outsourcing – Planning for the Future

By adding to an already established business model, Teleperformance have taken steps to solidify their position in the market and Jeff Smith, CEO of Teleperformance, states, “ We are delighted to have added the Teleperformance Technical Help UK team to our nationwide network of contact centres and to have strengthened our technical support expertise through this move. We now have over 200 multi-lingual agents handling levels 1, 2 and 3 technical help functions, supporting customers in 16 countries. Technical support is a business function of growing importance and now accounts for almost 20 per cent of contact centre activity worldwide.”

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A World Golfer

Many golf aficionados know that there are lots of fabulous courses around the world. Each one having its own set of unique features and amenities for a truly fascinating golfing experience. There are many ways to get fit such as Senkai's boot camp London but golf is good exercise too.

This is fantastic news for the moneyed set who love to play golf. You see, a typical golf course, no matter how challenging it may be, can get boring. The thinking that too much of something can actually be harmful actually applies here.

While it may not cause any major health problems, it can adversely affect your game. What’s more, being an international golfer isn’t something many people can brag about. Unless of course their last name is Woods or Nicklaus.

Here are some places you may want to check out when looking for a “change of golf scenery”:
-          A fantastic place to start is Hawaii. This island is filled with a lot of fabulously constructed golf courses. You’ve got courses in Honolulu which use the terrain to their advantage. This means a lot of hills and sand traps. They don’t only give you a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean, but can also pose quite a challenge. This is something you definitely need to help improve your golf game.
-          Still in Hawaii? Check out the courses on Maui and the Big Island. These are modern courses that offer a lot of spectacular features for golf lovers. What’s more, their popularity among the golfing community is a testament to how good they are.
-          There is another golfing destination, this time way across the globe. A lot of fabulous golf courses are located in Japan. This is an island just like Hawaii. This means that the challenges are “built in”. The challenging hills and valleys make for equally challenging rounds of golf. Something that every golf aficionado looks for. Grab your Nike golf clothing and head East for a picturesque game beneath Mount Fuji.
-          There are other fantastic golf courses scattered all over the world. One good way to check fro their location is by visiting the various tournament websites. Here, you can get a listing of where the Masters play. Better yet, why not “tag along” if you can. You may not necessarily be able to play a round of golf with the Greats. But it is a fantastic way to learn a thing or too—up close and in person. And how many people can actually say that they played on the same courses that the pros themselves played?

What’s more, you needn’t tour the world’s best golf courses all by your lonesome. Why not take the family along for that long overdue vacation? Believe us, it isn’t just your golf game that will be scoring high.